Educational material

Joint Precongress Course with the SIGs Safety and Quality in ART and Ethics and Law

Surrogacy: a gift with consequences

ESHRE 2018 Barcelona

1 July 2018

Joint Precongress Course with the SIGs Safety and Quality in ART, Psychology and Counselling and Ethics and Law

Transgenderism and reproduction: State of the art in fertility options for transgender and people with sex reassignment

ESHRE 2017 Geneva

2 July 2017




Joint ESHRE Campus with SIGs Andrology, Ethics & Law, Psychology & Counselling, Socio-Cultural Aspects of (In)fertility and Stem Cells

Future fertility for the male child and adolescent with cancer: best practice, research breakthroughs and current dilemmas
M√ľnster, Germany
13-14 May 2016

Joint Precongress Course with the Special Interest Groups Early Pregnancy and Ethics & Law

What happens in utero lasts a lifetime: a multi-disciplinary approach to improving preconception and early pregnancy care

ESHRE 2016 Helsinki
Precongress Course 6

1 July 2016

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Joint ESHRE Campus with SIGs Andrology and Ethics and Law

Donor sperm banking: medical, socio-cultural, ethical and legal considerations

Leuven, Belgium
10-11 December 2015



Joint Precongress Course with SIG Ethics and Law

Current information and communication practices in reproductive medicine: challenged by the internet

Organised by the Special Interest Group Ethics and Law and Socio-cultural aspects of (in)fertility

ESHRE 2015 Lisbon
Precongress Course 10
14 June 2015

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