Effects of ART and endometriosis on pregnancy outcome

ESHRE Campus Symposium organised by ESHRE Special Interest Groups Early Pregnancy Endometriosis and Endometrial disorders with the Sofia Symposium for Reproductive Medicine

27-28 January 2017

Sofia, Bulgaria


The diagnosis and misdiagnosis of miscarriage - Anne Pexsters, Belgium (permission to be confirmed)

Art and miscarriage risk - Petya Andreeva, Bulgaria - (permission to be confirmed)

Endometriosis and miscarriage risk - Yutaka Osuga, Japan

Miscarriage treatment and future pregnancy outcome - Clare Oliver-Williams, United Kingdom

Sitagliptin for recurrent miscarriage : light at the end of the tunnel? a study protocol for a randomised double blind placebo controlled trial - Shreeya Tewary, United Kingdom

Pilot randomised controlled trial of the effect of endometrial scratch in recurrent miscarriage on pregnancy outcomes- trial protocol - Valarmathy Kandavel, United Kingdom

Spontaneous Hemoperitoneum in Pregnancy (SHiP) and Endometriosis – A Review of the Recent Literature - Velja Mijatovic, The Netherlands

Endometriosis and risk of ectopic pregnancy - Lucky Saraswat, United Kingdom

ART and ectopic pregnancy risk and diagnosis - Emma Kirk, United Kingdom

Interstitial and scar pregnancies - Jackie Ross, United Kingdom

Impact of pregnancy on endometriosis - Yutaka Osuga, Japan

PGS and prevention of recurrent miscarriage: facts and fiction - Tania Milachich, Bulgaria

Obstetric risks in patients with (a history of) endometriosis - Nadya Magunska, Bulgaria

Prevention of multiple pregnancies in ART and its influence on live birth rates - Diane De Neubourg, Belgium

Risk of congenital anomalies in children born after frozen embryo transfer with and without vitrification - Aila Tiitinen, Finland

Risk of congenital anomalies in children born after IVF/ICSI: what to tell your patient? - Petya Chaveeva, Bulgaria