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Basic principles in ovarian physiology: Relevance for IVF

ESHRE Campus workshop Organized under the auspices of the Special Interest Group Reproductive Endocrinology

Lisbon, Portugal, September 19-20, 2008


Speakers' hand-outs (PDF)


    1. Gonadotropin-independent follicle development - R. Anderson (UK)

    2. Gonadotropin-dependent follicle development - J. Tapanainen (FIN)

    3. Biology of oocyte maturation - C. Plancha (P)

    4. Ovarian ageing and ovarian reserve testing - F. Broekmans (NL)

    5. Tutorial 1: Ovarian bioinformatics and research strategies - A. Hsueh (USA)

    6. Different forms of ovarian stimulation for IVF (terminology) - G. Nargund (UK)

    7. Indirect ovarian stimulation (anti-estrogens, aromatase inhibitors, insulin sensitizers - B.C. Tarlatzis (GR)

    8. GnRH antagonist vs agonist co-treatment – B.C. Tarlatzis (GR)

    9. Individualized versus standard stimulation - F. Olivennes (F)

    10. Ovarian stimulation in PCOS - R. Homburg (NL)

    11. Tutorial 2: Oocyte freezing and in vitro maturation - S. Lindenberg (DK)

    12. How to define poor ovarian response? - P. Barri (E)

    13. Ovarian stimulation and consequences for oocyte/embryo quality - E. Baart (NL)

    14. Corpus luteum & IVF - H. Fatemi (B)

    15. Endometrial receptivity - P. Devroey (B)

    16. Tutorial 3: Genetics of early development - B. Bavister (USA)