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Female and male surgery in human reproductive medicine

ESHRE Campus symposium
Treviso, Italy
8-9 October 2010

Session 1: Congenital anomalies

Female congenital tract anomalies and their implication on fertility

a) Septate uterus: Metroplasty
Office hysteroscopy and cold scissors – Rudi Campo (Belgium)
Resectoscopy using monopolar or bipolar energy – Marco Gergolet (Italy)

b) Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster Hauser syndrome: Neovagina creation – Giada Frontino (Italy)
Male congenital tract anomalies and their implication on fertility Cryptorchidism – Medhat Kamel Amer (Egypt)
Inguinal hernia in infancy and childhood – Giorgio Bozzini (Italy)
Importance of the testicular torsion in the male infertility – A. Rusz (Hungary)


Session 2: Varicocele

Debate: Varicocele – to treat or not to treat (Round table)
Pro – Carlo Trombetta (Italy)

Contra – Giorgio Bozzini (Italy)


Session 3: Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Surgery for male genital obstructions - Gert Dohle (The Netherlands)
Surgical treatment of post infection obstructions in women - Vassilios Tanos (Cyprus)


Session 4: Spermatozoa retrieval in azoospermia

Available retrieval procedures, indications and outcomes: Focus on Micro- TESE - Edoardo Pescatori (Italy)
Birefringence: a tool of sperm selection in ICSI cycles - Anna Pia Ferraretti (Italy)


Session 5 Voluntary male and female surgical sterilization, and reversal

The psychological impact of infertility on men: What are men's emotional needs during diagnosis and treatment? - Petra Thorn (Germany)
Epididymo/Vaso-vasotomy versus testicular sperm extraction – Ethical aspects - Françoise Shenfield (United Kingdom)
Epidemiology of male/female sterilization and reversal - Paul Van Look (Switzerland)
Male surgical sterilization: vasectomy – techniques, outcome and follow-up by semen analyses - Giorgio Franco (Italy)
Role of post-surgical gamete cryopreservation - Sheena Lewis (United Kingdom)
Male: vasectomy reversal: techniques and outcomes - Benny Verheyden (Belgium)
Does the origin of spermatozoa affect ICSI outcome? - Timur Gurgan (Turkey)
Female sterilization reversal versus IVF - Sylvie Gordts (Belgium)