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ESHRE evidence-based guideline on Unexplained Infertility

Unexplained infertility

The guideline provides clinicians with clear advice on best practice in the care of couples with UI, based on the best currently available evidence.

This guideline provides 52 recommendations to help clinicians provide the best care for couples with Unexplained Infertility. As unexplained infertility is a diagnosis of exclusion, the guideline outlined the basic diagnostic procedures that couples should/could undergo during an infertility work-up and explored the need for additional tests. Furthermore, treatment strategies were reviewed, including additional and alternative treatment options.

For a large proportion of these tests and treatments, evidence was very limited and of very low-quality. Therefore, the guideline development group also provided a list of research recommendations to support future research in unexplained infertility.

Guideline development group

UI Guideline Working Group

View the  interview with Daniela Romualdi

UIguideline interview

Presentation Guideline @ ESHRE 2023

Patient leaflet

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