Guideline on the management of women with endometriosis

Management of endometriosisIssued : 18 September 2013
Submitted to full update in 2021, stakeholder review closed.

This guideline offers best practice advice on the care of women with suspected endometriosis as well as with endometriosis diagnosed by laparoscopy/laparotomy and/or histology. This clinical guideline provides recommendations on the diagnostic approach for endometriosis, including the symptoms predictive of endometriosis, the utility of medical technologies and of clinical examination for diagnosis. Treatments for endometriosis, as medical treatment, non-pharmacological treatment as well as surgery, are discussed for both relief of painful symptoms and for infertility due to endometriosis.

The effectiveness of medically assisted reproduction for endometriosis-associated infertility is discussed, as are therapies (medical treatment and surgery) adjunct to medically assisted reproduction.

Finally, information is also provided for the management of patients in whom endometriosis is found incidentally (without pain or infertility), for primary prevention of endometriosis, for the treatment of menopausal symptoms in patients with a history of endometriosis and for women with questions about the possible association of endometriosis and malignancy.

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