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Male Reproductive Health

ESHRE Campus workshop organised by the Special Interest Group Andrology / MRHI
Budapest, Hungary | 6-7 Oct 2022

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The genetics of male infertility

ESHRE Campus workshop organised by the ESHRE Special Interest Groups Andrology and Reproductive Genetics
29 September-01 October 2021 | Virtual event

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Precongress Course ESHRE 2021 Virtual

PCC01: Andrology: Are we ready for the future of male fertility creation & preservation
26 June 2021

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Precongress Course ESHRE 2020 Virtual

PCC01: Andrology: Diagnostics & therapy for 2030 and beyond
5 July 2020

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Genes vs Children: genetic inheritance and options in fertility care

ESHRE Campus symposium organised by the Special Interest Groups Psychology and Counselling and Andrology Bilbao, Spain 22-23 November 2019

Precongress Course ESHRE 2019 Vienna

Sperm: Hot topics, cost-effectiveness and evidence-based decisions

Vienna, Austria
23 June 2019


Male factor infertility: the broad picture

ESHRE Campus symposium organised by the Special Interest Group Andrology
Ghent, Belgium
29-30 March 2019

Precongress Course ESHRE 2018 Barcelona

Male gametogenesis: will new research developments change infertility management?
Barcelona, Spain
Sunday 1 July 2018


Male fertility preservation: how close are we to clinical practice?

ESHRE Campus symposium organised by the Special Interest Groups Andrology and Fertility Preservation
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
08-09 March 2018 



The revival of intrauterine insemination - Evidence-based guidelines for daily practice

ESHRE Campus symposium organised by the Special Interest Group Andrology
Antwerp, Belgium
23-25 November 2017



Precongress Course ESHRE 2017 Geneva

Mild, moderate and severe male infertility: what is it all about? – An urgent call for consensus 
Geneva, Switzerland
Sunday 2 July 2017



Precongress Course ESHRE 2016 Helsinki

The impact of exercise, sport and doping on human fertility Helsinki, Finland
3 July 2016



Future fertility for the male child and adolescent with cancer: best practice, research breakthroughs and current dilemmas

ESHRE Campus organised by organised by the SIGs Andrology, Stem Cells, Socio-cultural aspects of (in)fertility, Ethics & Law and Psychology and Counselling
Münster, Germany
13-14 May 2016


Donor sperm banking: medical, socio-cultural, ethical and legal considerations

ESHRE Campus Symposium organised by the SIGs Andrology, Ethics & Law and Socio-cultural aspects of (in)fertility and the Task Force Developing Countries and Infertility
Leuven, Belgium
10-11 December 2015 


Precongress Course Lisbon 2015

Keep the sperm in mind when perfecting ART: news and perspectives in spermatology

Precongress Course ESHRE 2014 Munich

Treating the man with evidence based medicine


Precongress Course ESHRE 2013 London

Is male fertility decreasing? The latest news suggests not…

The best sperm for the best oocyte

ESHRE Campus symposium organised by the ESHRE Special Interest Groups Andrology and Embryology

Athens, Greece
6-7 October 2012


Precongress Course ESHRE 2012 Istanbul

"Beyond IUI, IVF and ICSI - New developments in the selection and use of sperm for ART"


The whole man

Seville, Spain
22-23 September 2011

Precongress Course ESHRE Stockholm 2011

"Lifestyle and maile reproduction"


Female and male surgery in human reproductive medicine

ESHRE Campus symposium
Treviso, Italy
8-9 October 2010

Precongress Course ESHRE Rome 2010

"Basic course on environment and human male reproduction


Poor ovarian response (POR)

Bologna, Italy
19-20 March 2010


Sperm and testicular tissue banking

Granada, Spain
25-26 March 2010


Artificial insemination: an update

Genk, Belgium
13-15 December 2009

Reproductive andrology: linking laboratory to clinical practice

Thessaloniki, Greece
1-3 October 2009

Precongress Course ESHRE Amsterdam 2009

"Evaluation of the Man in the Infertile Couple


Sperm DNA: organisation, protection and vulnerability – from basic science to clinical application

Stockholm, Sweden
21-22 May 2009

Precongress Course ESHRE Barcelona 2008

"Paternal inheritance - sperm and epigenetics


Precongress Course ESHRE Lyon 2007



ESHRE Campus Course “Reproductive Andrology”

Brussels, Belgium / 8 to 10 November 2007
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ESHRE Prague 2006 Precongress Course



ESHRE Copenhagen 2005 Precongress Course



ESHRE Berlin 2004 Precongress Course


ESHRE Berlin 2004 - Presentations Translating testicular stem cell biology to the clinic - Prof. Dr. Herman Tournaye (PDF 4,18 MB) Stem and Progenitor - Dr. Malcolm Alison (PDF 2,77 MB) Testicular Stem Cells - Dr. Dirk G. De Rooij (PDF 968 KB) Transplantation of testicular stem cell suspensions and testicular grafting - Dr. Stefan Schlatt (PDF 2,50 MB) Spermatogenesis In Vitro - Dr. Mario Sousa (PDF 3,35 MB) Cryopreservation of Testicular Stem Cells - Dr. Henri Woelders (PDF 747 KB) 


ESHRE Madrid 2003 Precongress Course


ESHRE Vienna 2002 Precongress Course



ESHRE Lausanne 2001 Precongress Course


ESHRE Bologna 2000 Precongress Course

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