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Artificial insemination: an update


ESHRE Campus symposium

Genk, Belgium

13-15 December 2009

Speaker handouts


History of artificial insemination in the human - Willem Ombelet (Belgium)

Artificial insemination: the vet's perspective - Peter Bols (Belgium)

Electo ejaculation in humans and animals - S.W.J. Seager (USA)

Artificial Insemination in Endangered Species – Challenges and successes - B. Pukazhenthi (USA)

To inseminate or not: that’s the question! The evidence for insemination versus intercourse or IVF - Ben Cohlen (The Netherlands)

To stimulate or not: yet another question! Cost-effectiveness of intrauterine insemination with or without mild ovarian hyperstimulation - Ben Willem Mol (The Netherlands)

Born in the USA! Cost-effectiveness of IUI versus IVF - Brad J. Van Voorhis (USA)

Inseminate to perfection. Effect of intrauterine insemination methodology on success rates - Astrid Cantineau (The Netherlands)

Is the fallopian tube better than the uterus? Evidence on intrauterine insemination vs fallopian sperm perfusion - Arne Sunde (Norway)

Too old to inseminate? The effect of age on IUI results - Herman Tournaye (Belgium)

The dos and don’ts of the insemination kitchen. Comparison of different techniques to prepare semen for intrauterine insemination - Martine Nijs (Belgium)

Add spice to your insemination. Role of media supplements for artificial insemination - William E. Roudebush (USA)

Don’t burn your sperm! Antioxidants and IUI-outcome - Chris Barratt (United Kingdom)

Capri, c'est IUI. ESHRE Capri guidelines on IUI - Pier Giorgio Crosignani (Italy)

Towards EIM-2. How to develop and organise an European IUI monitoring? - Karl Nygren (Sweden)

Europe is watching you. European regulations on artificial insemination - Willem Ombelet (Belgium)

The European tissue directive and intrauterine insemination - Petra De Sutter (Belgium)

The Rough Guide to insemination. Reproductive tourism for insemination due to different regulations - Guido Pennings (Belgium)

Urge for progeny stronger then traditions? Socio-cultural aspects of using donor semen in developing countries - Gamal I. Serour (Egypt) 

From intrauterine to extrauterine . Pregnancies following artificial insemination - Petra De Sutter (Belgium)

Not too many please. Risk factors for high order multiples births following artificial insemination - Alexandra Bensdorp (The Netherlands)

Bank your future. Insemination and semen cryopreservation - Roelof Menkveld (South Africa)

Man not included. Insemination in lesbian couples and single-parents - Anne Brewaeys (The Netherlands)

Choose your sex part 1. Sperm preparation for gender selection: an update - Chris Barratt (United Kingdom)

Choose your sex part 2. Preconception gender selection ethical evaluation - Guido De Wert (The Netherlands)

Factors affecting the success of IUI – implications for developing countries - Hassan Sallam (Egypt)

Sperm only please. Prevention of infections in an artificial insemination program - Carin Huyser (South Africa)

The Arusha-project. Low-cost ART in developing countries - Willem Ombelet (Belgium)

Presentation of “selected posters”

Do donor sperm characteristics influence the outcome of an artificial insemination treatment? - Eva Creemers (Belgium)
Cumulative delivery rates in different age groups after artificial insemination with donor sperm - Michael De Brucker (Belgium)
Cumulative ongoing pregnancy rates after IUI and investigation of factors affecting drop-out - Ingrid De Pauw (Belgium)
Evaluating a novel apparatus during density gradient centrifugation for the elimination of bacteria, HIV-1 RNA and proviral DNA from human semen - Jozef Fourie (South Africa)