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Epigenetics in ART

Lisbon, Portugal, 28-29 March 2008

Speakers’ hand-outs

1. Gamete epigenetics and the influence of hormonal stimulation - J. Trasler (CND) – download hand-out here (PDF 436 KB)


2. Igf2 and H19 methylation in sperm of infertile men - P. Jouannet (F) - download hand-out here (PDF 396 KB)


3. Epigenetic programming of the genome in the embryo - P. Hajkova (UK) - download hand-out here (PDF 733 KB)


4. Heterochromatin organisation: the embryo rules - F. Santos (UK) - download hand-out here (PDF 895 KB)


5. Early embryo epigenetics and the influence of laboratory culture - J. Trasler (CND) - download hand-out here (PDF 411 KB)


6. Could epigenetics play a role in the developmental origins of health and disease? - I. Morison (UK) - download hand-out here (PDF 601 KB)


7. Gametes and embryo epigenetics and the influence of assisted reproduction technologies - P. Jouannet (F) - download hand-out here (PDF 389 KB)


8. Epigenetic marks in extra embryonic tissues - R. Feil (F) - download hand-out here (PDF 503 KB)


9. Children conceived after different intervention protocols - O. Anastasiou (GR) - download hand-out here (PDF 267 KB)


10. Unaltered DNA methylation of 3 key imprinted genes in mouse oocytes after in-vitro follicle culture and IVM under high dose recombinant FSH exposure. – Anckaert, E. (BE) - download hand-out here (PDF 624 KB)


11. Imprinted gene expression analysis in human preimplantation embryos: biomarkers for assessing epigenetic disruption – Huntriss, J. (GB) - download hand-out here (PDF 571 KB)


12. In utero exposure to 5-azacytidine induces apoptosis in the fetal rat testis – Katusic, A. (PL) - download hand-out here (PDF 1141 KB)


13. DNA methyltransferases expression in human spermatogenesis – Marques, C.J. (PT)


14. Does the culture medium used during IVF treatment affect twin birth weight discordance? – Nelissen, E. (NL) - download hand-out here (PDF 975 KB)