Practical aspects of non invasive selection of gametes, embryos and blastocysts in a modern IVF laboratory 

ESHRE Campus symposium

Salzburg, Austria

1 & 2 April 2011


Organised by the ESHRE Special Interest Group Embryology in collaboration with the Embryological Forum Austria (EFA)


Relevance of sperm DNA fragmentationMarianne Moser (Austria)

Towards a more physiological ICSI Marc van den Bergh (Switzerland)

Is there an impact of IMSI on reproductive outcome? – Laura Rienzi (Italy)

Cumulus-oocyte-corona-complex and oocyte qualityThomas Ebner (Austria)

Morphological aspects at zygote stageMarkus Montag (Germany)

Pronuclear membrane breakdown and early cleavagePeter Fancsovits (Hungary)

Cleavage stage and cell division kineticsThorir Hardarson (Sweden)

The neglected compaction stageThomas Ebner (Austria)

Optimized scoring at blastocyst stageEtienne van den Abbeel (Belgium) 

Morphology of oocytes and embryos after cryopreservation Kersti Lundin (Sweden)

Birefringence imaging of spermatozoa, spindle and zona pellucidaMarkus Montag (Germany)

Glycolytic activity as a tool for embryo selectionMarc Van den Bergh (Switzerland)

Identification of viable embryos by measurement of amino acid turnoverRoger Sturmey (United Kingdom)

Predictive power of oocyte/embryo respiration rateAna Sousa Lopez (Belgium )

Non-invasive metabolomic profiling using near infrared spectroscopyThorir Hardarson (Sweden)