7th Workshop on Mammalian Folliculogenesis and Oogenesis

ESHRE Campus symposium
Stresa, Italy
19, 20 & 21 April 2012

Organised by the ESHRE Special Interest Group Embryology, Reproductive Endocrinology & Task Force Basic Scientists in Reproductive Medicine 


Current understanding of primordial germ cell biologyDonatella Farini (Italy)

Global DNA methylation erasure in primordial germ cellsWendy Dean (United Kingdom) 

Novel mechanisms and actions of gonadotropinsIlpo Huhtaniemi (United Kingdom) 

What gonadotropin physiology can teach us to improve ovarian stimulation regimensStephen Hillier (United Kingdom)

In vitro follicle growth to investigate follicular paracrine interactionsEvelyn Telfer (United Kingdom)

Involvement of local factors in aberrant follicle development - Stephen Franks (United Kingdom)

How the cumulus cell function is regulated and whyRobert Gilchrist (Australia)

Genome Integrity in Mammalian OocytesDavid Albertini (USA)

The role of zinc during mammalian meiosis and egg activitation: the inorganic signature of lifeFrancesca Duncan (USA)

At which stages can meiotic errors occur throughout oogenesis?Ursula Eichenlaub-Ritter (Germany)

Start and stop signals of oocyte meiotic maturationKeith Jones (Australia)

From symmetry to asymmetry: organising the cytoplasm during oocyte maturation - John Carroll (United Kingdom)

Oocyte and follicle metabolic requirements in vitroRoger Sturmey (United Kingdom)

Novel systems and factors to improve oocyte quality in vitro - Evelyn Telfer (United Kingdom)

Insights into oocyte competence from somatic cells gene expression – Johan Smitz (Belgium)

Achievements and challenges of oocyte in vitro maturation in the humanGiovanni Coticchio (Italy)

Acquisition of the oocyte developmental competence - Maurizio Zuccotti (Italy)

Oocyte polarity: a sign of oocyte quality? - Carlos Plancha (Portugal)

Role of maternal Carm1 in early mouse embryo developmentnAgnieszka Jedrusik (United Kingdom)

Influence of maternal-embryonic transition on embryonic development - Sergio Ledda (Italy)

Maternal diabetes and oocyte dysfunctions - Kelle Moley (USA)

Maternal diet, embryo effects and offspring health - Tom Fleming (United Kingdom)