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Early pregnancy standards, protocols and guidelines

ESHRE Campus symposium

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

10-11 December 2009

Speaker handouts


Session 1: Introduction and preconception

Help from guidelines - Willianne Nelen (The Netherlands)
Progress in preconception care - Eric Steegers (The Netherlands)
Teratology and early pregnancy - Wolfgang Elmar Paulus (Germany)

Session 2: At the beginning

Sperm damage - Nabil Aziz, Liverpool, United Kingdom

Indications for preimplantation screening - Dagan Wells, Oxford, United Kingdom

First trimester embryonic nutrition - Graham J. Burton, Cambridge, United Kingdom


Session 3: Ectopic management

Pregnancy of unknown location - Emma Kirk, London, United Kingdom

Ectopic pregnancy protocol - Patrick Puttemans, Leuven, Belgium

MTX guideline - Petra Hajenius, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Session 4: Early pregnancy ultrasound

Basic rules in early pregnancy US - Frédérique van Dunné, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

First trimester screening protocols - Hajo Wildschut, Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Session 6: Recurrent miscarriage

Predicting adverse obstetric outcome - Robbert van Oppenraaij, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Recurrent miscarriage: definition issues - Emmy van den Boogaard, The Netherlands

Septate uterus - Marco Gergolet, Bologna, Italy



Session 7: Diagnosis and treatment

Evidence based practice in miscarriage - Martin Rajewski, Poznan, Poland

Early pregnancy standards - Roy Farquharson, Liverpool, United Kingdom