Presentations – ESHRE Campus course on “Current understanding and management of health risks associated with IVF” held in Lübeck (Germany) on 18 January 2008


1. Welcome and Introduction / K. Diedrich (D) – (download PDF here)


2. Risks of oocyte pick-up / A. Ludwig (D) – (download PDF here)


3. OHSS: prediction, prevention & treatment / G. Griesinger (D) – (download PDF here)


4. The epigenetic perspective of IVF / G. Gillesen-Kaesbach (D) – (download PDF here)


5. Genetic aspects and implications in IVF / K. Sermon (B) – (download PDF here)


6. The IVF problem patient: pre-existing diseases in infertile patients / W. Ledger (UK) – (download PDF here)


7. Antepartum care and prenatal diagnosis in pregnancies after IVF / W. Verpoest (B) – (download PDF here)


8. Risk of treatment failure: psychological consequences and quality of life / L. Schmidt (DK) – (download PDF here)


9. Vanishing twin, ectopic pregnancy, pregnancy loss and gestational disease after IVF / A. Pinborg (DK) – (download PDF here)


10. Multiple pregnancy and Eset / J. Gerris (B) – (download PDF here)


11. Malformation in children after IVF / U.B. Wennerholm (S) – (download PDF here)


12. Prematurity, low birth weight and associated health risks / W. Ombelet (B) – (download PDF here)


13. Longer term outcome of IVF children / I. Liebaers (B) – (download PDF here)