Basic course on “Update on pluripotent stem cells (hESC and iPS)

Barcelona, Spain, 8 February 2010

Valencia, Spain, 8-12 November 2010


Speaker handouts

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hESC derivation - Anna Veiga (Spain)

New hESC derivation strategies maintaining embryo viabilityCarlos Simon (Spain)

Culture of pluripotent stem cells in defined conditions, xenobiotic free and GMPJohan Hyllner (Sweden)

Freezing and thawing of pluripotent stem cellsDiana Valbuena (Spain)

Genetic stability of pluripotent stem cellsPablo Menéndez (Spain)

Spermatogonial and ovarian stem cellsRita Vassena (Spain)

Cell reprogramming (induced pluripotent stem cells, iPS)Angel Raya (Spain)

In vivo/in vitro differentiationBenjamín Reubinoff (Israel)

Large scale culture of hESC and MSCMahendra Rao (USA)

Future aspects and clinical applications of pluripotent stem cell research - Henrik Semb (Sweden)

Ethical aspects of pluripotent stem cell researchGuido Pennings (Belgium)

Registries and Biobanks for Human Stem Cell Lines - Glyn Stacey (UK)