Calendar ESHRE Webinars

Here you will find the calendar of upcoming ESHRE webinars. Sign up early if you are interested to join since places are limited. Some webinars are restricted to ESHRE members. Not an ESHRE member yet? Information on the benefits and current membership fees can be found here

Quality management in ART - an update

This course will describe what and how to code, which codes can be used and the status of SEC in the field of ART. The course will describe when and how to perform the 8D problem-solving model in the MAR field.


25 May 2021

ESHRE Clinical Embryologist Certification and Continuing Professional Development

After the webinar, participants should have a deeper understanding of the professional status of clinical embryologists, how the ESHRE Clinical Embryologist Certification system is organized, and which are their objectives and the strategies to achieve these objectives.


27 May 2021

Webinar Series: Management of endometriosis in women wishing for immediate or future pregnancy

The series will bring leading experts together to discuss the management of endometriosis in women wishing to conceive (including diagnostic approach, medical and surgical management and pathophysiology).


29 May-18 December 2021

Webinar Series: ESHRE Certification for Nurses and Midwives

This webinar series will help nurses and midwives to prepare for the exam of the ESHRE nurses and midwives certification.


31 May 2021

Good practices for evaluating quality, safety and efficacy of novel tissue and cellular therapies and products - EuroGTP II methodologies and tools

The aim of this training webinar is to aid cell and tissue bankers and healthcare professionals in the evaluation of safety, quality and efficacy of MAR therapies, thus providing effective care of their patients.


11 June 2021

Webinar Series: The threats of infertility

This webinar series will explore and discuss the threats which infertility is facing today.


18 June-19 November 2021