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System biology tools and preclinical models for translational research in endometriosis and adhesion formation:

lessons from cancer and inflammation biology

ESHRE Campus symposium

Leuven, Belgium

4-5 September 2009


Speaker hand-outs

Proteomics/Peptidomics - E. Waelkens (Belgium)

Tools of “Omics” Metabolomics- R.J. Vreeken (Belgium)

From Bioinformatics to Health Decision Support  - B. Demoor (Belgium)

Proteomics in endometriosis  - C. Kyama (Belgium)

Invasion and metastasis - M. Mazzone (Belgium)


Innate immunity - J. Ceuppens (Belgium)


Profileration and apoptosis- D. Krysko (Belgium)


Stem cells: origin and possible applications in clinical medicine - C. Verfaillie (Belgium)


Endometrial stem cells - C. Simon (Spain)


In Vitro Models in Endometriosis Research - P. Groothuis (The Netherlands)


Rodent models for endometriosis research- R. Gruemmer (Germany)


Nonhuman primates for endometriosis research- T. D'Hooghe (Belgium)


Endometriosis Epigenetics and Stem Cells - H. Taylor (USA)


In vitro models for adhesion research - S. Herrick (United Kingdom)


Preclinical animal models for adhesion research - M. Binda (Belgium)


The challenges of pre-clinical models and endpoints in clinical translation in endometriosis - N. Pullen (United Kingdom)


Translational Research in Endometriosis - P. Groothuis (The Netherlands)


Practical and Regulatory Issues in EU and US Examples with Research Molecules  - S. Palmer (USA)