The patient friendly approach to ART

From a natural cycle to minimal stimulation and single embryo transfer

Maribor, Slovenia – 27-28 February 2009






A new approach to IVF- W. Ledger (United Kingdom)


Impact of mild ovarian stimulation on implantation- J.G. Velasco (Spain)


What role for clomiphene citrate in the mild stimulation cycle? -V. Šimunić (Croatia)


Personalizing ovarian stimulation for IVF -B. Popovic-Todorovic (Belgium)


Ethical considerations for clinicians when referring patients to minimal stimulation or natural cycle - G. Pennings (Belgium)


Preovulatory follicle size and ultrasound monitoring in natural cycle - V. Vlaisavljević (Slovenia)


Natural cycle IVF: is it effective and cost effective? - G. Nargund (United Kingdom)


Minimal monitoring/minimal stimulation as a means of increasing access to ART in developing countries - W. Ombelet (Belgium)


Modified natural cycle IVF: the best of both worlds? - M. Pelinck (The Netherlands)


Oocyte in vitro maturation (IVM) in clinical practice? - V. Kovač ( Slovenia)


Is IVM safe? Is IVM effective? It depends…. - P. Nayudu (Germany)


IVM in PCOS patients - M. Grynberg (France)


Oocyte vitrification - A.P. Ferraretti (Italy)


Embryo vitrification and transfer in the natural cycle: redefining routine practice in IVF - B. Kovacic (Slovenia)


Elective single embryo transfer (eSET) - the Scandinavian perspective - C. Bergh (Sweden)


Luteal supplementation in mildly stimulated and natural cycles - H. Fatemi (Belgium)


Echographic assessment of endometrial receptivity after embryo transfer - R. Dmitrović (Croatia)


The role of adjuvant medical therapies – S.D. Keay (United Kingdom)


What did we learn from the review of 1000 natural cycles for IVF/ICSI? - V. Vlaisavljevic (Slovenia)


Follicular and serum anti-Müllerian hormone in natural and stimulated cycles - E. Bokal Vrtačnik (Slovania)


Natural IVF cycle with and without HCG administration - R. Bauman (Croatia)


Natural IVF cycles in poor responders on conventional stimulation protocols - T. Tomaževič (Slovenia)


Has natural cycle IVF a place in infertility treatment in low resource countries? - N. Radunović (Serbia)


Workshop (Round-table talks)

Moderators: G. Nargund (United Kingdom) – B. Kovacic (Slovenia) – V. Vlaisavljevic (Slovenia)