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Reproductive Andrology


ESHRE Campus Course

Brussels, Belgium / 8 to 10 November 2007


Speakers’ hand-outs


  • Seeds of concern? Current epidemiologic status of male infertility (including ageing and environment) - D. Vanderschueren (B) - download hand-out here (PDF)
  • SOS: Save our Seeds. Prevention of male infertility - A. Giwercman (S) - download hand-out here (PDF)
  • Male factor: what’s in a name? When to suspect a “male factor” and how to make the diagnosis of a “male factor”? - T. Hargreave (UK) - download hand-out here (PDF)
  • When the engine of desire breaks down...What should we know about sexual dysfunction, how to pick-up the problem, how to solve? - E.A. Jannini (I) - download hand-out here (PDF)
  • Working-up the infertile man. What are the minimal examinations the oligozoospermic man should get and why? - A. Kamischke (D) - download hand-out here (PDF)
  • “Cherchez la femme” - What should every andrologist know about the female factor - M. Afnan (UK) – hand-out of this presentation is not available
  • Genetic and epigenetic aspects of male infertility. What should every andrologist know? - S. Repping (NL) - download hand-out here (PDF)
  • To treat the man or his sperm? When to treat the man? Conventional non-surgical treatment of male infertility. - A. Kamischke (D) - download hand-out here (PDF)
  • Smooth operator. Surgical treatment of male infertility (excluding sperm recovery procedures) - G. Dohle (NL) - download hand-out here (PDF)
  • No sperm wanted. Current status of contraception in the male. - G. T’Sjoen (B) - download hand-out here (PDF)
  • Analysing semen: Tips Tricks and Pitfalls. An alternative lecture on semen analysis. - T. Cooper (D) - download hand-out here (PDF)
  • Sperm function tests: Tips Tricks and Pitfalls. An alternative lecture on sperm function tests. - Ch. Barratt (UK) - download hand-out here (PDF)
  • Does sperm quality depends on lab quality? The role of QC in the andrology laboratory. - L. Bjorndahl (S) - download hand-out here (PDF)
  • The right sperm in the right place at the right time. Intra-uterine insemination for treating male infertility. B. Cohlen (NL) - download hand-out here (PDF)
  • ART @ work. The indications for IVF and ICSI - A. Templeton (UK) - download hand-out here (PDF)
  • MICSI and PICSI: do they maximize your ICSI? New methods of sperm selection for ICSI. - L. Rienzi (I) - download hand-out here (PDF)
  • Good vibrations and beyond. Sperm retrieval in anejaculation (excluding surgical sperm recovery procedures) / Vibrostimulation - N.L. Brackett (US) - download hand-out here (PDF)
  • Good vibrations and beyond. Sperm retrieval in anejaculation (excluding surgical sperm recovery procedures) / Electroejaculation - S.W.J. Seager (US) - download hand-out here (PDF)
  • Sperm Surgery. When and how to retrieve sperm in azoospermia - R. Ron-El (IL) - download hand-out here (PDF)
  • Freeze your future. Cryopreservation of semen and surgically retrieved sperm. S. Lewis (UK) - download hand-out here (PDF)
  • Help wanted. Donor insemination in the era of ICSI. - M. Meseguer (E) - download hand-out here (PDF)
  • The new EU directives. What do they mean for us dealing with treating male infertility? - J. Van der Elst (B) - download hand-out here (PDF)
  • Aneuploidy screening of gametes and embryos. Does it have any role in ART for male infertility? - C. Staessen (B) - download hand-out here (PDF)
  • Sperm in genetic peril. Oxydative stress and sperm DNA damage. - W. Ombelet (B) - download hand-out here (PDF)
  • Will my ICSI child be normal? Children’s follow-up after ART for male infertility. - M. Bonduelle (B) - download hand-out here (PDF)
  • Spermatogonial stem cells: Hope or hype? An update on testicular stem cell banking and transplantation. - E. Goossens (B) - download hand-out here (PDF)
  • Recreating manhood. An update on the generation of artificial male gametes. - P. Nagy (US) - download hand-out here (PDF)