6th Workshop on Mammalian Folliculogenesis and Oogenesis: from basic science to the clinic

ESHRE Campus symposium

Potsdam, Germany

8-10 October 2009


Speaker handouts


Session I: From primordial germ cell to oocyte

Identification of transcripts involved in meiosis and follicle formation during ovine ovary development - Beatrice Mandon-Pépin (France)


Session II: Gonadotrophins in Reproduction and Gamete Quality

Gonadotrophin actions beyond reproduction - Ilpo Huhtaniemi (United Kingdom)

Dynamics between gonadotropins and follicles in the ageing ovary - Cornelis Lambalk (The Netherlands)

Impact of new cryopreservation techniques on clinical management - G. Griesinger (Germany)


Session III: In vitro folliculogenesis and oocyte maturation

In vitro development of human ovarian follicles - Evelyn Telfer (United Kingdom)

Carbohydrate and energy metabolism during follicle growth and oocyte maturation: what can be learned for IVM and follicle culture? - Helen Picton (United Kingdom)


Session IV: Cooperativity in signalling between somatic compartment and oocyte

Effects of low methyl donor levels during mouse follicle culture on follicle development, oocyte maturation and oocyte imprinting establishment - Ellen Anckaert (Belgium)

Germ cell development and its regulation by interacting growth factors during human ovarian development - Richard Anderson (Univ Edinburgh)    

Wedge resection to restore fertility in estrogen receptor knockout model: role for neovascularisation in PCOS? - Outi Hovatta (Sweden)


Session V: Priced Selected Oral Presentations and Discussions

BMP signalling in the human fetal ovary is developmentally-regulated and promotes PGC apoptosis - Andrew Childs (United Kingdom)

Does the ovulation pattern in consecutive menstrual cycles affect the sex ratio of subsequent conceived children? - Misao Fukuda (Japan)

From primordial germ cells to oogonia - Anne Grete Byskov (Denmark)


Session VI: Analysis of moleculars ignalling pathways in maturation, ovulation and cancer

Regulatory signaling mechanisms during ovulation - Marco Conti (US)

Immune-like mechanisms in ovulation - JoAnne Richards (US)

Ovulation and Ovarian Cancer - Stephen Hillier (United Kingdom)


Session VII: Genome stability and epigenetics

A maternal-zygotic effect gene maintains genomic imprinting in embryos - Xiajun (John) Li (USA)

Epigenetic marks in offspring of cryopreserved immature ovary of mouse - Nadine Binart (France)

Methylation reprogramming dynamics and defects in gametogenesis and embryogenesis: implications for reproductive medicine - Thomas Haaf (Germany)


Session VIII: Cell Cycle and Spindle in Oocyte Maturation and Early Embryogenesis

AURKA controls important events at meiosis I of mouse oocytesJan Motlik (Czeck Republic)

Dynamic localisation of Protein kinase A in immature and mature oocytes and preimplantation embryos: marker for developmental capacity? - John Caroll (United Kingdom)

Acentriolar spindle assembly in mouse oocyte - Stephane Brunet (France)


Session VIII: Maternal Factors

DNA double-strand break repair of parental chromatin in ooplasm and origin of de novo mutations - Peter de Boer (The Netherlands)

NALP genes in human oocytes and embryogenesis - Outi Hovatta (Sweden)

Telomeres in human oocytes and embryos: maternal contribution to chromosome instability? - Geraldine Hartshorne (United Kingdom)


Session X: Markers of Quality: Analysis of Gene Expression in Oocytes and Follicles

Insights on maturation-associated alterations in the proteome: Novel approaches and developments - Georg J. Arnold (Germany)

Modelling age-associated alterations in expression in the mouse oocyte - Ursula Eichenlaub-Ritter (Germany)

Gene expression in human oocytes, cumulus and granulose cells: influence age - Marie Grondahl (Denmark)