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Preimplantation genetic diagnosis:

a celebration of 20 years

ESHRE Campus symposium

Rome, Italy

1 July 2010 


Organised by the ESHRE Special Interest Group Reproductive Genetics

Speaker handouts


The history of PGD – Joyce Harper (United Kingdom)

The early years: pre clinical PGD – Marilyn Monk (United Kingdom)

The evolution of technologies over 20 years – Alan Handyside (United Kingdom)

Embryo biopsy – Montse Boada (Spain)

What is reality and what is not? – Mark Hughes (United Kingdom)

Polar Body Approach to PGD – A. Kuliev (USA)

PGD for infertility – Santiago Munne (U.S.A.)

The ESHRE view on PGS – Joep Geraedts (The Netherlands)

PGD – from diagnosis to treatment - Cristina Magli (Italy)

Prenatal or PGD – which one to choose? – Joe Leigh Simpson (U.S.A.)

The patients perspective – Inge Liebaers (Belgium)

Follow up of the PGD babies – Alison Lashwood (United Kingdom)

A PGD success story (SMA) - A patient talk by the Galloway family
introduced by Gary Harton (U.S.A.)

PGD for HLA matching– how we cured our child following PGD treatment – A patient talk by the Ponchiroli family

introduced by Francesco Fiorentino (Italy)

What PGD has taught us about preimplantation development - Leeanda Wilton (Australia)

PGD: dynamics and ethics - Guido de Wert (The Netherlands)